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A visit to Whittier College’s Wardman Library is a must for any Nixoninwhittier quest.


nixon_memoirs In addition to yearbooks (Acropolis) and college newspapers (Quaker Campus), the library has a collection of Nixon-related books, news clippings, magazine articles, photos, and audiovisuals. As of April 2013, the college had 378 entires for Nixon Richard M Richard Milhous 1913 1994. There were 12 titles listed under Nixon Richard M Richard Milhous 1913 1994 Juvenile Literature, including The Crimes of Watergate. To read the current issue of Quaker Campus, click on Almost 100 years old.

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The library also has a collection of Nixon memorabilia–everything from campaign hats to Nixon masks to Paul Conrad’s sculpture of Nixon assuming his famous victory pose (above right)). The Nixon Room displays items, donated to the college by Nixon and his wife Pat, that chronicle his international travels during the 1950s. The diversity of the collection reflects the fact that Nixon logged more travel miles and international visits than any of his vice presidential predecessors and includes gifts from heads of state Nikita Khruschev and David Ben Gurion. Additional items include a gift from Zhou Enlai, the Premiere of the People’s Republic of China during Nixon’s 1972 groundbreaking state visit.

To listen to Nixon’s campaign jingle “Nixon Now,” click on One more timeFair warning, it’s contagious. 

To view a newsreel of the contentious 1959 meeting between Nixon and Khruschev in Moscow, click on Toe to toe.

surprise-logoVice President Nixon received an unsettling reception during his visit to Venezuela in 1958. Click on Rough reception.

The shelves of the library, of course, hold books by Richard Nixon–he wrote extensively after his presidency. Many of his books remain in print and for sale online. lists 11 titles. Click on Nixon at Amazon.

For The New York Times reviews of several Nixon books, click on Nixon reviewed.

During an interview with Frank Gannon, Nixon says that he was ” . . . frankly quite surprised when in our conversation with Mao Tse-tung he mentioned that he had read Six Crises, and then, in a rather deprecating way, but self-deprecating as well, he says, ‘It’s not a bad book,’ which was a very high compliment coming from him. Chou En-lai had had Six Crises–and I learned it only when I got there–he had had it translated into Chinese. And I wondered why, and then as I talked to him I discovered why. It wasn’t because of the political issues I discussed, because he disagreed with my political views certainly totally. It was because the book was about struggle and also that it was about defeats as well as victories. He used to come back time and again to the theme that adversity is the best teacher and the greatest teacher.  He said, ‘It is really quite remarkable that after two defeats, the defeat for president in 1960 and then governor in 1962, you came back.’ He said, ‘That is very rare, not only in America, but in a–but in any other country.’ And I responded to that by saying, well–that I had learned more from my defeats than I had from my victories, but then I went on to say that, ‘I hope when my life is over, I’ll have one more victory than defeat.’ And he kind of summed it all up by saying that those who travel on a smooth road all their lives don’t gain strength.”

surprise-logo Richard Nixon appeared on 55 Time magazine covers. Click on Cover search to see when.

19520825_107 First, 1952     19940502_107 Last, 1994

1101720103_400 Man of the Year, 1972


Many photos housed in the special collections of Wardman Library at Whittier College can now be accessed online.  Photos include Nixon on the football team, Nixon on campus as a candidate, and Nixon attending college events as a trustee.  Click on photo collection to view and obtain more information.