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Over several decades, the histories of Richard Nixon and Whittier College became entangled and inseparable. Nixon attended the college and graduated in 1934. He served as a college trustee, held campaign events in Whittier and on campus, played an important role in elevating the national profile of the college, and remains the college’s most recognizable graduate.

This website links Nixon’s association with the college to vignettes that humanize one of the nation’s more complex and controversial presidents and points viewers toward online media that animate Nixon’s life. Explore several threads that connect Nixon and the college–the teams and groups he joined, the skills he honed, and the many attempts, scholarly and popular, to assess his life and legacy.

Explore the site and watch the Nixon/Whittier story begin to unfold, with all its twists and turns, ups and downs, and even a few surprises.

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This is not a college website, but if you click on Whittier Poets (since the college is named after John Greenleaf Whittier, Whittier’s mascot is a Poet), you will discover today’s Whittier College, the diversity of today’s students, and details about the ways that Richard Nixon still is a presence on campus.